4 thoughts on “XR250 Tornado English Owner’s Manual

  1. Hi, I hopefully am in the process of buying a Tornado in Costa Rica. If all goes well, I will buy it on Tuesday, this, being Saturday. THANK YOU posting the manual as it really took away my concerns and helped me focus on what maintenance items to handle. etc

    I am a teacher in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and I believe this 2011 Tornado will do the trick. I don’t think I will be here for more than a year and a half more so I didn’t want to buy a newer one as I probably wouldn’t get my money back.

    Most people here have additional LED lights on their bikes as it is dangerous at night. Is there anything to watch out for if I do this?

    Thanks all. .


    • Hi John. Just change the bulb to a 55w one. See the mods page. You don’t need led, but it won’t do any harm either. Enjoy your Tornado! It’s the perfect do everything bike IMO.


  2. Hello I am looking for a 2019 honda toronafo owners manual. Can you please help? I live in the states but visit there frequently.


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